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Welcome! My name is John Roselle, SJ, and I took lifelong ("perpetual") vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as a Jesuit on August 13th, 2011 after a two-year novitiate. I am now a Jesuit Scholastic for the Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus. I will study philosophy and theology for the next three years at Loyola University in Chicago. At the same time, I will do part-time ministry in some capacity with the poor. After that, I will likely teach for three years before finishing three more years of theology. Then, God willing, I will be ordained a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest! It's a long road, but a blessed, fun, and enriching one. This blog exists as a resource for friends, family, and others who are interested in my progress through the Jesuit process of formation. Every day is its own adventure, and I am happy to have you along with me to share in this. This blog contains my own personal thoughts and should not be taken to speak for the entire Society of Jesus. Feel free to contact me. God bless you!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's the "Good Word"?

Since this may be my last bog post before the big day, I wanted to end (or really begin) with a note of enthusiasm.  I am so touched by the tremendous outpouring of warm wishes and prayers from so many.  I am honored by the 15 or so "pilgrims" who will be making the trek out here, and I know there are several others who really wanted to be here but couldn't.  I certainly will not feel alone, but will be surrounded with love.

And then there is God.  I was talking with one of my brothers tonight, and we talked of how we forget how much this pleases God, to surrender into His hands and to trust in Him.  This is really about His goodness, His work, His glory.  We're just blessed to be able to respond in this way, and to follow Him (as all of us are).

Thanks again for all you have done for me to support me, and I will be glad to fill you in on how it all goes.  Please keep the prayers coming. God bless!

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  1. John, May you have many blessings as you continue on your journey in faith. May you also continue to visit the "4 Rooms" of your priestly vocation and development. Peace, Denise